Structural Openings and   Fitting Panels

When you order an access panel or riser door from M & M Access, we will manufacture it to the exact size you require. If you already have an aperture cut into the wall or ceiling, feel free to give us these measurements and we will manufacture the panel to suit.


As standard when fitting an access panel you will need the aperture to be 7mm bigger than the size of the panel ordered, or 10mm bigger for a large riser door.


This information does not apply to tiledor panels.


For example, if you have ordered one of our stock sized access panels at 450x450mm you will need to cut a hole size of 457x457mm.


Please ensure your aperture is square when fitting the access panels.


To fit your panel


To begin with, remove the bung from the access panel door and unlock using the key provided. It is recommended that you remove the access panel door from the frame when fitting.


Ensure the aperture is lined with a suitable material to accept a screw fix. Insert the frame into your pre-formed aperture and screw through the fixing holes provided in the frame using suitable fixing.

Packers may be required to avoid the frame distorting, but please do not fix through the face of the frame.


If fitting a panel with a beaded frame (and/or a bead to the face of the door) scrim tape must be applied to the bead prior to plastering. Failure to do so may cause the plaster to crack.

Re-fit the door ensuring there is an even gap between door and frame and the door operates freely.

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